Cheer on all the runners
with the banana.

We want to cheer on all the runners who will try their best. Dole has always taken up the
challenge to open up all of banana’s new possibilities.
Part of this challenge is the “Low-Brix Banana,” which is less sweet and enjoyed by those who exercise,
and the “Gokusen Banana,” which offers a rich, deep sweetness. In order for bananas to
provide ever more support to runners, Dole has created a revolutionary new product.

It is called “BANAPEN”.
It is the first pen in Japan used exclusively for writing a message right on the banana skin.

Watch the product introduction video.

It is a magical pen that
changes the banana to become
a communication platform.

When you write on the banana skin with the pen, you will be surprised again.
Easy to write, easy to hold. It is truly the MAGIC pen.

It has a revolutionary
innovation hidden inside the pen.


Write a message on the banana skin and wait for about 5 minutes. Then the characters or pictures that you wrote will appear on the skin.
*How they appear depends on each banana and the actual pen pressure.

Surprisingly, not ink but actually vinegar is contained in the pen. With oxidation effect of the banana skin, you can write characters or pictures on it. As it is an edible material, you will feel safe and reassured.

Fine tip
Broad tip

The very special bunch of
bananas which defy the
conventional wisdom of

What the runners need is moderate
sweetness. The lightly sweet banana defies
the conventional wisdom of bananas.

The banana’s sweetness is designed
for those who do exercise.

As it is grown in lower elevation lands, the banana contains more water and less starch, which results in a less sweet taste.
0 %
In the survey of 800 athletes, about 49.6% of them supported the less sweet banana to eat before and during the exercise.
Sugar content
Compared to a banana grown in high elevation land, the Low-Brix banana has about 13% lower sugar content.

The ultimate sweetness,
aroma, and texture.

After exhausting all their energy, runners choose this
ultimate sweetness.
This rich-tasting banana with a deep sweetness
rejuvenates runners.

Look at the product details.

A sweetness beyond imagination that
rejuvenates the body after exercise.

Its rich sweetness has matured for
more than a year at high altitudes
of over 500 meters.
Selected from over 100 varieties of
banana based on its sugar content,
aroma, and nutritional value.
Gokusen is loved more than typical
bananas due to its ultimate sweetness,
aroma, and texture.

Cheer on all the runners with the magical
pen and the very special banana

Let’s write your message with the BANAPEN on the
banana, which is perfect for sports, and support the runners.